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Hello Guys,

My name is Ayan and I’m a first year accounting student at the U of A. I decided to #BoyCott Brandy MelVille because of it’s discriminatory outlook on clothing sizes. What I what  to get out of this project is to stop the discriminatory clothing biases set in Brandy Melville’s “one size fit all “ branding policy. This standard of marketing is not only irrational but harmful for most young girls out there. Therefore, boycotting Brandy MelVille for me is a must for young girls out there like myself in order to address this issue at a larger scale.

What I hope to get out of our blog post is to encourage young adults out there to be more verbally outspoken and not timid when it comes to serious issues such as the one size fits all policy that Brandy Melville envisions for most  young girls out there. Moreover, this idea of categorizing 95% of most women “fat” due to the exclusive branding decision that a clothing company decided to make, brings no value but rather diminishes that companies foundations and ethics. For this reason, we will need your support and we eagerly encourage you guys out there to stand up to discriminatory standards that are evolving in most clothing stores such as Brandy Melville’s by supporting our endeavors or by signing our petitions, as well as tweeting us on twitter!




Hey guys!

My name is Keely and I’m somewhere between my first and second year Anthropology major and Physical Sciences minor. Although I’m considering changing my minor to WGS, because it’s freaking awesome. My interests include anthropology, archaeology, astronomy and feminist issues of course! I do quite a lot of volunteering around campus and am an active volunteer at the campus observatory. I also do lab analysis for an archaeology project one of my professors is running. In my free time, you can find me curled up on my couch with a cup of coffee, watching Netflix and cuddling with my guinea pig. I also enjoy looking up pictures of cats.

I definitely would consider myself a feminist. Although I do usually wear a bra and shave my legs – sorry stereotypes. I don’t believe women are better than men, or that women deserve special privileges. I believe that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. Some would say we don’t need feminism in today’s society. Because we can vote, right? Wrong. We need feminism because “acting like a girl” shouldn’t be an insult, because women are still expected to take their husbands name in marriage and because when a women is assaulted, she was “asking for it.”

#BoycottBrandy interests me because the company is openly racist and fat shames young girls. They set an unrealistic image for girls to live up to. “One size fits most” is not a size! 00 is not the size that most women are. I’m interested in comparing companies like Brandy Melville, to companies like Aerie. Why is sizing across all stores so inconsistent? Why are men’s clothing sizes consistent? Why is there no “one size fits most” for men? What kind of audience do stores like Brandy Melville target? These are the types of questions I hope to answer with this project.


2014-09-18 16.35.24

Hey y’all, my name is Kristin, one of the four authors of this blog for WGS 201 at the University of Alberta.  I’m in my final semester of my Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a Creative Writing minor.  I’m almost feeling 22 (Taylor Swift is my fave), and I want to go to grad school to learn how to help run student life administration and activities at universities.

In my spare time (and in most aspects of my daily life), I’m a riot grrl through and through — and although you would never find me burning bras (they’re expensive, man!) you can count on me being one of those people who will call you out on sexist/racist/ableist comments and jokes.  I’m in WGS 201 because I am deeply interested in feminism, its history, and its continuous movement forward in the world to reach gender equality and acceptance for everyone.

Why do I want to #BoycottBrandy? Because I am sick of going into clothing stores expecting to find clothing that will fit me the way it fits the model in the photo, and not clothes that are literally what the model in the photo (who is inevitably smaller than me) is wearing.  I am tired of being pressured to look a certain way or forced to shop in “special” stores catered to me as an XL at a “normal” store and a “1X” at the plus-size stores.   And I think it’s complete bullshit to think that “one size fits most” is the solution to anyone’s clothing-related problems.

I kind of want to give Brandy Melville the benefit of the doubt: I like that they might be reaching towards some kind of equality between body types — you know, “you don’t need to be restricted by size tags on your clothing: everyone can just wear the same one!” — but that, unfortunately, is not the way the world works.  Give me clothes cut to fit MY shape! Give me classifications that make it easier to shop! GIVE ME MY SIZE, OR GIVE ME- well, not death.  Just my money back, so I can take it elsewhere.

Catch you on the flipside; I’ll do my best not to change my hair colour too often on you.

– Kristin


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