France banning anorexic model ads?

Banning anorexic model ads will likely take an affect in France.

In the process of passing a bill that would prevent anorexic model ads to be seen in public and outside settings, France siding with Israel and Spain, are one of many countries who are against any form of publicity that promotes unhealthy living habits.


Money shot.

Fines are said to be up to 80,000 US for any infringement against the bill and also jail time for the agents doing the promoting.

Message For Brandy Melville,

I really hope that this bill does get passed on and legislated upon other neighbouring countries as well. Also, I feel that banning the advertisement of anorexic models, really does serves a purpose since it limits the unhealthy outlook towards body image and fat shaming. By banning the portrayal of anorexic models, we are also saying no to fat shaming .

So take that Brandy !!!

Ayan Affi.

For more information about this issue, refer to :


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