Ayan – Part 1


My visit to HNM was overall quite as normal just like most of my casual trips there.

The pressure of fitting in their clothing wasn’t relatively concerning on my part. Also, as I was walked my way towards their store, girls from different cultures and sizes were all lined up to get the latest trends. The sales associates were amiable and greatly helpful in contrast to what I experienced at Brandy. In the other hand, most sizes were adequately suitable for the general population. Another token that puts HNM in a far better score compared to its competitors are the reasonable price ranges that puts the customer at bargain frenzy- regardless of what size holds true for you, you can still have a great deal during every shopping experience. This inclusive disclosure on HNM’s part is quite remarkable. Despite being in the uptight culture of ‘fitting into the skinny ‘-HNM holds firm ground when establishing their vision of being a non discriminatory clothing store powerhouse. By examining their clientele and their employees, it was pretty clear to me that HNM is at a far better place when it comes to ethnical portrayal within their models.


As I made my way out of the store, I was curious enough to examine their newsletter. Plundered with cosmetic ads, this newsletter is considered of being a heavy catalyst that “ helps shape the social construction of beauty.” Nevertheless, even though there was diversity within their fashion models, the “bodily standard” to be to thin was present and consistently portrayed somehow systematically within every model I saw.

Ayan’s Ratings..

Price $$ : Reasonable – 5/5

Experience : Fun and enjoyable. 4/5

Overall Impression : Would go back there again 🙂

Shaw, Susan M., and Janet Lee. “Ethnicity and Body Consicousness” Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2012; 200-203. Print.


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