Ayan -Part 2

Brandy Melville : Oh the Horror.


As it was my first time at Brandy, my first impressions there was the uncomfortable aura that I felt while browsing my way in towards Brandy. First of all, the sales associate had this uptight nature about her. To be specific, the consistent frown on her face like I was this extraterrestrial creature from Mars that seems to foreign for her to even grasp or acknowledge.

Additionally, there was no smiles that was shared or even someone approaching to help me -mind you, there was only 4 customers in the store that time 😦

As I perused my way to find the right attire to try on, what I found interesting subject to talk about was the limited amount of clothing sizes and styles. In a city where frigid weather is quite so common to edmontonians, Brandy did a poor job on providing winter gear and outfits suitable for the city’s winter conditions.

In contrast, what I did see was mini skirts, crop tops and t-shirts – nothing bad about these garments- but by Brandy only displaying these very few clothing attires, Brandy is then basing a restriction to most potential customers that have different clothing  needs. In the same token, we can further go on and say that these same restrictions may then pose as being binaries to service the modern female identity. For example, by showing more skin, Brandy is imposing to its customers that you are more feminine and adored compared to your female social counterparts. In my opinion, I feel that the relentless social construct that Brandy plays a huge role on deterring most people from entering it’s store or even so buying their products; a sad case that I unfortunately realized after my first visit.

Changing Room – Call that the Naked Room.

photo 1

When I asked the sales associate for a room to use, she pointed her finger towards the back of the store. Without no aid or even someone to accompany me, I discreetly made my way towards the back of store.

Impressions : She should get fired, rude and bitchy. Where is customer service?

Inside the Changing room …

Impressions : There was no privacy at all. The drapes weren’t even properly draped. I felt naked 😦

Successes :

As I tried on the jeans, I was surprised to see that it fit me. However, the price was off my range. The jeans fit me snug, but it was not that bad compared to the initial responses that I thought I would get from trying their clothing.  ,

To Note: it wasn’t a one size fits all, so the reason behind my fitting would be explained by their size catering.


My biggest downfall at the store was that I was a size 42 at Brandy – oversized and a huge jumped compared to my original size ( a size 6) . It was disappointing and slightly hurtful for my self-esteem to know that Brandy vision is solely based on social hegemonic control by eliminating any customer that doesn’t align with thinness. This fat shamming is not only unrealistic , but proven to be a destructive tool  to our female identity and body image- a backlash against how far we came as women and feminist. photo 2

General Impressions: 

My first experience at Brandy : FAIL.

Customer service : FAIL.

Clothing experience : 3/5. Brandy could do more with producing more clothing suitable for our weather conditions and changes in seasons.


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